Sunday, April 21, 2013

Parks and Rec

So besides working and playing with the new puppy, I've been watching a ton of Parks & Rec this weekend. It's super hilarious---reminds me of a mix of 30 Rock and The Office. I have to admit, I didn't like it that much at first, but now that I've started the third season, I am LOVING it. Besides it being funny, I actually really enjoy the characters and their growth. So I'm going to write 100 words about each of my four favorite characters and that will be a blog post.

Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, is kind of like the female Michael Scott in the first season--that uncomfortable, formal, high-aspiring boss that makes everyone uncomfortable. But as time goes on, she really grows into her own person, and moves away from that frame she was based off of. She's a great role model for everyone, and the show does not hide from the fact. She's kind, caring, considerate, ambitious, passionate, and good-hearted. She doesn't stop no matter what.

Before I started watching, I had seen pictures of Ron Swanson--and Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson---so I had never heard his voice. I was actually really surprised! It's so smooth and deep! Anyway, Swanson is definitely one of my more favorite characters in TV, period. He hates people, but he he's level-headed, makes good choices (unless it's in concern to his ex-wife, Tammy), and he genuinely does care about the people in his department. There's this one episode where he gives Leslie some advice on the guy she's dating, and it was really insightful and considerate----and it spoke tons about his character. Since then, he's always stuck out in my mind.

April Ludgate. She's the secretary to Ron Swanson, and as he put it---he can't fire her, because it would be literally impossible for him to find someone who does a worse job. Right now she's dating Andy, and it's really really cuteeeeeee. I like how Aubrey Plaza plays her. She manages to keep April her typical antisocial self but give her layers and feelings too---definitely not a flat character. It's little things, like when she gets flustered about talking about Andy, or when she's having a buddy moment with Ron and then barely smiles that make me like her.

Ann Perkins ahaha. Played by the lovely Rashida Jones, Ann is a local nurse and Leslie Knope's best friend. She's kind of awkward and quiet, but she sticks up for herself and takes care of people when they need her. My favorite side of Ann is seeing her as a nurse, because she does not mess around. A lot of people don't like her character---calling her flat and awkward, but I actually like her. I wish she had more story lines besides just dating, but there's something about her that feels real. 


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